Get the Winning Look

Caterina Coyne started dancing at the age of four.  She had a very successful, competitive career winning several Connancht Championship titles and consistently ranked in the top ten at the World Championships, All Irelands, Great Britain's and British Nationals.  Performing came naturally to Caterina and she started at a very young age which included two summer sessions with Ragus the Show while still studying in school.  This led to performing with numerous dance shows before being asked to join Riverdance.

Caterina has traveled with Riverdance as the Female Lead for several years now and has toured Europe, America and Asia with the show.  Highlights of her career to date include dancing Lead in prestigious Radio City Music Hall, dancing for 90,000 people in Ireland's premier stadium Croke Park for both the final All Ireland Hurling and Football Championships, the opening ceremony of the Ryder Cup, the G8 Summit Cleaneagles Scotland.  TV appearances on The Today Show, Good Morning America, Good Morning Canada, RTE Late Late Show and will soon be appearing on NBC with Riverdance on Ice!

Over the years, Caterina has learned the importance of looking and feeling your best while performing.  "Appearance is everything when you are on stage, you need to look and feel the part.  From my ten years of stage experience I feel I can not only help dancers learn what looks good but also give them the confidence they deserve to go on and be the best they can be.  I am delighted to be part of Irish Dance Makeup and hope that it helps all dancers, parents and teacher alike." states Coyne.